What is custom LASIK?
LASIK is one of the most effective vision correction procedures available. Our surgeon uses some of the most advance technology available to drastically improve your eyesight. The procedure alleviates common eye conditions and can reduce your need for glasses or contact lenses. The LASIK surgeon at West Michigan LASIK uses a gentle laser to create a small opening similar to a flap in the cornea, which is the front most part of the eye. The flap is then lifted to expose an inner layer of the corneas tissues. The surgeon then reshapes the cornea with a pulsating “cool” laser beam. The laser beam shapes the cornea to match your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. After the cornea is reshaped the flap is repositioned. Healing begins immediately and stitches are not necessary. The entire procedure takes about 5-10 minutes per eye and most patients can return to work within two days. There will be some additional follow up appointments required with the doctor to assure that you are healing well and to measure improvement.

Is LASIK an option for me?
If you are considering LASIK it is recommended that you schedule a complimentary evaluation. The pre-operative evaluation includes a complete medical history and an eye mapping technology that measures your corneal thickness, shape, pupil size and refractive error. Patients who suffer from nearsightednessfarsightedness, and astigmatism can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Based on your evaluation and eye exam our doctor will recommend your best treatment options to give you your best vision.

Our Approach
Our LASIK partner uses wavefront technology to utilize the most advanced laser technology on West Michigan’s Lakeshore. The wavefront technology measures your eye from front to back and produces a 3-D map that the surgeon can use to determine what conditions you many have. Conditions like low-order aberrations, also known as refractive errors, can be easily corrected but it takes additional care to help reduce and eliminate affects of high-order aberrations, contrast sensitivity, night vision quality, and any issues with halos and glare. Higher order aberrations don’t always affect vision but with custom wavefront LASIK the patient can be assured that potential visions are screened and mapped to assure the most accurate outcomes. Unlike many LASIK surgery centers our 3-D map technology and state of the art technology give each patient a truly custom outcome tailored specifically for their vision needs.

LASIK Technology That Makes the Difference
West Michigan LASIK integrates cutting edge technology to ensure faster, safer, and more reliable treatment. The WaveLight® offers superior speed, multidimensional eye tracker, laser precision, and online pachymetry enabling a skilled surgeon to provide the ultimate patient care experience while reducing recovery time and improving patient outcomes.

Our technology delivers an extremely precise pattern of pulses to the periphery of the cornea in order to minimize spherical abberations, reducing the risk of nighttime glare or halos in patient vision. Maintaining a high pulse frequency while minimizing thermal tissue damage provides improved precision and safety to ensure the best treatment results for patients.

The WaveLight® also has the ability to measure and monitor corneal thickness (pachymetry) before, during, and after the procedure. The measurements and treatment data are documented through an automated log file storage system designed to keep better track of patient records. The availability of online optical pachymetry ensures the surgeon is always aware of a patient’s corneal thickness throughout the entire procedure. The laser’s Integrated Nomogram Optimization enables users to establish and track operating parameters and outcomes data while allowing surgeons the ability to adjust their personal calculations.

The WaveLight® is a major advancement in refractive surgery. Its speed, accuracy, and safety features augment our surgeon’s ability to expand their treatment capabilities while allowing a wider range of patients, such as those with higher prescriptions and higher-order aberrations, access to laser vision correction procedures.

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