Dry Eyes 
Dry eye is a chronic eye disease that is usually caused by a decrease in tear production or an increase in tear film evaporation. The condition is commonly under-diagnosed because similar symptoms can be linked to allergic reactions or environmental factors such as dust & smoke. Irritation can also be caused by heaters, hair dryers, air conditioners, and fans, which may exacerbate dry eyes. A humidifier may provide some relief in the winter, however treatment for dry eyes & tearing should not be delayed. Tears keep our eyes moisturized, prevent infections and heal wounds, so anyone experiencing dry eye symptoms should seek treatment immediately.

Treatment options can include:
• Avoidance of contributing factors
• Tear stimulation and supplementation
• Increasing tear retention
• Eyelid cleansing
• Treatment of eye inflammation
• LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation Therapy
• Surgery

To prevent symptoms from worsening, schedule an appointment today.

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