Farsightedness / Hyperopia
Hyperopia is a condition that occurs when the eye is shorter than it should be or has a cornea that is too flat. This causes light rays to focus on a point behind the retina rather than directly on it. As a result, you may notice difficulty focusing on objects near or far, or you may experience feelings of eyestrain. Hyperopia is not exactly the same as presbyopia, which is a condition more often associated with aging of the natural lens first noticed around the age of 40.

Symptoms can include:
• Blurred visions
• Eye strain while reading
• Crossed eyes
• Headache while reading

Hyperopia is actually quite common to at least some degree in babies and small children. If you or your child is experiencing headaches, eyestrain, or blurry vision, it is a good idea to schedule a comprehensive eye exam.

Hyperopia can be treated by corrective lenses or vision correction procedures such as LASIK. If you are undergoing cataract surgery, West Michigan Eye & Laser offers intraocular lenses to help correct hyperopia. Contact us to learn about your options today!

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