Nearsightedness / Myopia
Myopia is a condition that occurs when the eye is longer than it should normally be, or the cornea is more curved than normal. This will cause light rays to focus not directly onto the retina, but in front of it. This causes objects that are near to be clear, but objects in the distance will appear out-of-focus or blurry.

It is often noticed first in children between 8 to 12 years of age. As the child begins to age and go through puberty, it is not uncommon for myopia to worsen. Between ages 20 to 40, myopia usually slows or stops.

Myopia can be classified by cause, age of onset or degree to which it is affecting vision. It can be corrected by corrective lenses or a refractive surgery such as LASIK. Additionally, if you are undergoing cataract surgery, West Michigan Eye & Laser offers intraocular lenses to help alleviate the symptoms of myopia.

With myopia, it is important to visit your eye doctor regularly as you or your child’s prescription is likely to change fairly often. Schedule your appointment with West Michigan Eye & Laser today.

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