Presbyopia is the loss of the eye’s ability to change focus in order to see near objects. As you age, the natural lens of your eye loses its flexibility, making it difficult to read at a close range or focus on objects that are very near to you. This condition affects everyone, usually starting at around age 40. When you see people holding objects father away, this is most likely the condition that is affecting them. It is possible to have presbyopia in combination with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

Additional symptoms include:
• Difficulty reading fine print, especially in low light
• Eyestrain when reading for long periods
• Blurred vision when transitioning between near and far distances

Unfortunately, there is no known medication or exercise known to reverse presbyopia. But, there are several different options available to live with presbyopia. These options range from bifocals in your next eyeglasses or multifocal contacts, or even surgical options for those who may not want to wear glasses or contacts. If you are undergoing cataract surgery, West Michigan Eye & Laser offers specialty intraocular lenses to help alleviate the symptoms of presbyopia.

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